MOBOX (MBOX) TOKEN announces 2,000,000 (MBOX)


Competition period: 24/01/2023 0:00 AM to 24/04/2023 0:00 AM (UTC)
MOBOX (MBOX) Token Team have decided to launch a Giveaway campaign in order to broaden our reach to new age investors and to establish that (MBOX) Token is here to stay. We hope that the winners of this Event will be a long-term holder and supporter of this great project.
In order to be eligible, users must HOLD a minimum of 3,500 (MBOX)Token during the competition period.

Qualifying users will split a pool of 2,000,000 (MBOX)Token

Giveaway Rules:

To participate, you need to verify that you hold (MBOX)Token by sending between 3,500 to 40,000 (MBOX)Token to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 25,000 (MBOX) to 150,000 (MBOX) to the address you sent it from.

Every person can participate:

The minimum contribution is 3,500 (MBOX) and the maximum contribution is 40,000 (MBOX).

For example:

  • If you verify your address by sending 3,500 (MBOX), you will be rewarded with 25,000 (MBOX) back.
  • If you verify your address by sending 40,000 (MBOX), you will be rewarded with 150,000 (MBOX).

IMPORTANT: For every MOBOX contributed, you will receive back 5 times more!

Please note that you can use any EXCHANGE or WALLET in this event.

To participate please visit holders verification link:

Verify Address

(MBOX) sent for verification will be used as miners fee.

All persons are able to participate, including those in the United States.
The competition will last until all the 2,000,000 (MBOX) are won.
Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Ripple will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.
Thank you for your support!